CSR Activity

We at Orkide are strictly against Child Labor. We ensure eliminating child labor in the export industry. We believe that if we are not eliminating child labor, we are not ready to march into future.

We at Orkide believe that when we heal earth, we heal ourselves. We must recognize that threat to the planet is threat to us. All our products are 100 % environment friendly.

We believe that philanthropic exercise is the peripheral to assisting the nation's future. We at Orkide support many NGO’s and community based organizations to promote education, medical help and much more.

What We Do

We are a young company with very fresh ideas. Our style of working is very contemporary and it goes without saying that we strive to serve our clients in the best possible manner. We believe in the journey and not just the destination. We believe in long term relationships of mutual growth, and what better growth than that from the ground up - that is why we don't force for huge MoQ's while working for our small and medium sized partners. Orkide offers a vast range of products and excellent product support. Our products include

  • Area Rugs / Floor Coverings
  • Made Ups
  • Bedding